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Is your vehicle starting to drift to the right or left on its own? Did you notice your tire tread is starting to wear unevenly? Then you have a wheel alignment problem and it’s time to visit Tune Up Plus in Norfolk, VA so we can fix it. You might decide to drive your vehicle with an off alignment, but it’s NOT SAFE. Misaligned wheels increase the risk of an accident or a breakdown. When drivers can compensate for an off wheel alignment, they’ll start to treat the alignment as if it’s normal. Warning signs will let you know when it’s time to bring your car to Tune Up Plus. The tire’s tread is the most obvious warning sign and can end up being the most costly. When they wear unevenly, you end up replacing otherwise perfectly good tires long before you intended. Balding tires, even on one side, make them more prone to flats and punctures. Our expert technicians use state-of-the-art alignment equipment to exacting standards. We can keep you driving straighter and safer for as long as possible.

Preserving Tire Tread & Vehicle Safety

An off wheel alignment can be the result of normal wear-and-tear on the road. Every car will need wheel alignment service, so it’s smart for owners to pay attention to their vehicles and not delay wheel alignment service. Running into a pothole or a minor collision can speed up this process. If you don’t notice any problems right way, your wheel alignment could gradually be getting worse over time. It’s better to be safe than sorry and prevent extensive damage. Our ASE Certified technicians use the industry’s most advanced alignment equipment to ensure straight driving. Improve your vehicle’s overall performance, handling, and safety with a wheel alignment service from Tune Up Plus. We’ll also save you a ton of money by preserving your tires, and giving you a greater return on your tire investment.

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Stop by Tune Up Plus today for the perfect wheel alignment service. Our team is here to enhance your vehicle’s safety and your overall driving experience. Our wheel alignment service is also here to save you money! Give us a call today at 757-547-9908 to schedule your wheel alignment service. Save yourself some time by penciling yourself in right now. You can use our convenient online scheduling system to schedule your appointment right now. Next time you’re in the area don’t miss your opportunity to receive the best alignment service in the Hampton area!

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