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A new set of premium tires from Tune Up Plus in Chesapeake, VA are an opportunity to enhance your driving experience. Let’s start with the way you’ll look behind the wheel. Riding on top of a fresh set of tires is like putting on a brand new pair of sneakers–everyone notices. We may not admit it, but sometimes we care more about how our cars look than sound. And your tires do their part to either make vehicles more attractive or less attractive. Owners will bring their vehicles to the local car wash and it still won’t look “clean” because of its old and worn down tires. Tire replacements are something that we’ll all need eventually–like a new haircut or a new phone. Improve your appearance on the highway with new tires from our top-notch inventory. With Tune Up Plus’s top-notch tire selection, you’re never settling. Only upgrading.

Premium Tires–It’s Not All About Looks!

Sure, looks are important. But we’d never sacrifice safety for looks. Tune Up Plus’s quality tire service technicians help you drive away on top of the industry’s best tires. Your choice in tires for your vehicle matters, and so does your choice in tire service shop. We’ll make sure your vehicle is equipped with the most appropriate tires to match your terrain and your driving habits. Come to us for any of your tire needs–sales, services, or repairs. The change in seasons and weather patterns can make your vehicle’s tires unsafe for road travel. Many drivers find out after it’s too late that their tires are dangerous. Every tire is meant to hug the road through all conditions with a thick and healthy tire tread. Tires that need to be replaced become road hazards. Our techs will fix any flat tires, warped tires, leaking valve stems, impact bubbles, and more. All of your tire solutions are found at Tune Up Plus.

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If it’s time to give your vehicle the set of tires it needs, look no further than Tune Up Plus! Whatever condition your tires are in, we have the team and the tires to get you back on the road. We know that selecting tires isn’t the most exciting shopping, but it’s definitely one of the most important. We’re quick and effective because we know you really want to get to your next destination safely. Give us a call today with any questions or concerns that you might have. Our experts are able to guide you to the best possible tire selection for your vehicle. Next time you’re in the area, feel free to stop by. We gladly accept all of our walk-ins!


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