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Protect Your Engine–Timely Oil Change Maintenance

The engine is the heart of your vehicle, and to keep it running smoother and longer a consistent oil change schedule is a must. Normal wear-and-tear can shorten your vehicle’s road-life and compromise its overall engine performance. The quality of your engine’s oil should be maintained according to an appropriate oil change schedule. We’ll consider the age of your vehicle, your driving habits, and the manufacturer’s recommendations when designing your oil change service plan. Clean out the dirt, debris, contaminants from your engine’s oil. This is how you extend your vehicle’s road-life and preserve quality engine performance. By changing the oil and oil filter on a routine basis we provide maximum protection for the engine’s mechanical parts. Poor oil viscosity causes engines to overheat from excess friction. Quality engine lubrication can also prevent poor gas mileage.

When Was Your Last Oil Change?

Come to the Tune Up Plus auto service experts because your vehicle deserves it! We can keep your engine running strong and your gas mileage cost-effective for the foreseeable future. With consistent oil change maintenance schedules we’ll keep you ahead of any potential engine performance problems. Depending on the age, make, and model of your vehicle your engine will need a specific grade of oil, either synthetic or conventional. Several factors go into determining which type of oil your vehicle needs, such as age of vehicle, climate, and driving habits. Check with your owner’s manual to find out the recommended oil change intervals, because engines will differ in their specific needs. We use the highest quality brands of motor oil available at our Chesapeake location. Our team helps your vehicle’s engine stay in tip-top shape by performing efficient oil changes.

Time For Another Oil Change?–Schedule It Now!

If you can’t remember the last time you had your oil changed, it’s probably time to visit the experts at Tune Up Plus in Chesapeake, VA. We get our customers in and out in no time. Consider us your no-nonsense, hassle-free pit stop. Give us a call today at 757-547-9908 to schedule your next oil change service. To save yourself some time, go ahead and schedule it right now using our convenient online scheduling system. Next time you’re in the area, feel free to stop by because we welcome our walk-ins with open arms.


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